On the power of admitting failure

I was going to write this last week but admitting failure is hard… I needed a push! Or rather, a kick on the butt… And I got it! From a friend, as you do…

I joined an accountability group last week, encouraged by a friend who’s started it. Fr people just like me, who were just starting out with their first independent venture. And on our first call, I had to admit to myself (and everyone else involved) that I had dropped the ball on the Angels & Witches project in the past few weeks! On one hand, I had beenĀ feeling demotivated by all the frustrations that I had faced in the first few months, and on the other hand I had been pulled in by all the exciting – and always urgent – things that were happening in the activist world that is my natural habitat.

Anyway, no excuses! I had dropped the ball and it is time to pick it up! I had mostly been frustrated by the lack of luck in the property department but that is one thing that can hopefully fixed with a bit of inventiveness, and so I have contacted all the meanwhile spaces organisations to look for an alternative way to address this problem, and get the project off the ground. I am still waiting to hear back from them but it was just a good idea to admit to myself that I was failing to pursue any leads for the last couple of weeks, discouraged by the past frustrations!

I have to admit, I was not very keen on the idea of meanwhile spaces at first! That would mean that I would have to kick off Angels & Witches in a temporary location. Not to mention the fact that I would have to look for a longer-term location while running my first space! But that seems to be the best option for a first time social business in London.

And so in a way, it feels like I am back in square one. I have to look for new approaches to resolve this space dilemma. But in reality, I am not. I am working with Rooms of Our Own to start a new women’s centre. And we might be finding a space together. Which could mean a much broader range of activities for Angels & Witches, which would be amazing! I am also working with a student feminist society, on a space that they have their eye on currently. Which might turn out to be very exciting, but it is too early days to say.

But most of all, I have snapped out of the negative head space that I had been stuck in for a few weeks now, which was stopping me from moving any of these leads forward! And so I am back on track and will make sure to be posting updates more often so that it doesn’t feel to anyone who’s waiting for A&W to happen like I have stopped working on it!

Watch this space!