Feeling uninspired? Try setting up a feminist cafe…

This is not going to be another one of the endless selection of inspirational posts. Despite the fact that, every once in a while, I do love those myself, I have to admit. But I am in no frame of mind to be inspiring anyone right now. In fact, I am having difficulty inspiring myself and this post is an attempt at break that frame of mind.

The past few months have been a massive reality check for me. When I first set out on this project, I thought that I would bring this feminist cafe idea to life in just a few short months. I had the perfect spot picked out before I even started looking at property… What a fool, you might say. Yes, the joke is on me.

The reality is that the property market in London is crazy. Obviously, I knew that before I even set out on this feminist cafe journey. The housing market has been top of the news feed for the last few years. Nearly a decade in actual fact. We all know when it all started. This is not going to be another story on the housing market. I simply had no idea that commercial property would be just the same. Finding the right spot for a cafe business in London is tricky to say the least. Let alone when you’re just starting out.

I have seen dozens of spaces, but every time something remotely appropriate comes to my attention, somebody else beats me to it! I have tried commercial property. I have tried meanwhile spaces. I even considered a boat at one point… I have even resorted to applying for a meanwhile space that was on a bus! It would have been a nightmare for accessibility, but I still applied. You know what they say, desperate times…

I am now waking up to a real massive reality check. I have gotten to a point of actually having to go back to working while I search for the cafe space after hours. The reality is that when you follow your dreams, you have to make sure you check yourself as often as possible. Chasing dreams is wonderful but unfortunately reality has a nasty habit of getting in the way…

I now realise that I have taken on a big challenge. A huge one. I am not trying to say that I am giving up. Just admitting that reality just hit me. Well, it hit me a few months back now, but I can actually admit that!

As a former Psychology student, I have to say that I know that admitting a problem is half the success (or maybe it’s romantic comedy wisdom, but who cares, it’s true!) I have been extremely frustrated over the past couple of months. And extremely stuck on the idea of not admitting the reality (read: in denial). Writing is my way of admitting things (sort of) out loud. And seeking solutions.

Frustration is not the best source of inspiration. Denial is neither. Although in this case these are one and the same. Inspiration has been in short supply for me the past few months. I needed to admit my denial to myself. I feel better now. Let’s just hope you don’t mind me doing it in public!

Onwards and upwards! Onto the boat or something 😉


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