Getting over my fear of flying and getting going

The past few weeks have been pretty exciting and… anxiety provoking! I have been preparing for the launch of my café stall in Brick lane market this coming Saturday. Initially, I was fine, with no major issues on the way I was just getting on with it. And then about two weeks ago, I started loosing sleep.

And that does not normally happen to me. I generally sleep well. Better than most people. Too well in fact, one might say. Where most people cannot go to sleep every once in a while, due to some stress in life, I tend to get a comfortable 8 hours of sleep on most nights, or even blissful ten hours, on a day off. Unless I have to fly the next morning. I hate flying, but I dread the idea of missing a flight and being stuck in an airport for 12 hours even more, so just in case… my brain avoids switching to sleep mode altogether.

But in the past couple of weeks, coming up closer to the launch of the café stall, I have started losing sleep. I kept waking up, thinking that I forgot to order an essential piece of equipment, even though I have pretty much checked everything off by now, or that I failed to pay for the stalls I booked in time and I was not let in on the launch day…

Until finally, I realised what was happening to my brain. In fact, at this stage, I have nothing to lose. I have already invested money into the necessary equipment. Most of it could be used in my kitchen anyway, so it’s not like it’s money down the drain. I am on track with pretty much all of the items that I need, have been keeping a checklist. I don’t think I could be much better prepared! It was the fear of the unknown that was paralysing me. I just needed to let go (while holding on to my checklist, obviously!) and try it – the worst that could happen, really, is that I would learn how to improve my business sense quicker, in practice, see what people like, and what they’re not so keen on! Learn, and take it from there. It’s as simple as that!

The reality is such that I have been trying to get the café off the ground for such a long time that I have gotten used to things as they are. And so the new reality seems a bit terrifying. But it’s about time to change the ways things are and kick things off, so the sooner I start the better. I just need to get over the fear of the state of things changing! The fear of change!

In fact, once I realised that, I started looking at things very differently. I started smiling at the prospect of finally launching the café again! In fact, I started feeling excited again! The human mind is a strange and powerful thing… All you have to do sometimes is to change the track of your thoughts, and the world suddenly starts looking a bit brighter!

So, onwards and upwards! I hope to see you there! Starting Sat 4th Feb, Backyard market in Brick Lane. And then back again the following Friday, in Ely’s Yard, just round the corner!


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