Thank you Ms DeSuze!

Just as you are in most need of inspiration, a woman like Kalima DeSuze pops up in the news and seriously cheers you up. Now, I don’t know this woman personally, but she definitely sounds like my soul sister – she’s just opened up a new feminist café and bookshop in Brooklyn! Whoop, whoop! And, I swear, as the goddess is my witness, this news is exactly I needed to hear! It’s possible! It is especially encouraging considering the wider context of this unique development: I just re-read this article about the overall status of feminist cafes and restaurants in the US and Canada. And let’s just say, if you don’t want to read it – it didn’t put me in a great mood, all things considered.

Yes, I know, Brooklyn is not London. But from what I hear, it’s not that far from it. The rumour (or the news, to be more precise) has it, Brooklyn is pretty much like the Shoreditch of New York these days. In most recent news, Brooklyn activists protest local planning and redevelopment meeting, and officials try to move ‘garment city’ there against community pressure and all reason, it seems.

So if a feminist café is possible in Brooklyn of the gentrification era, it is bound to be possible in London!

And in more encouraging news, this time from London itself, the East End Women’s Museum has also finally found a home after a hell of a long search!

Reading DeSuze’s and Café Con Libros’ story is a bit like reading my own – at least the bit before the opening – the journey hasn’t been easy, but she persisted. And she got there in the end – becoming my light at the end of the tunnel in the process!

In fact, I have just reached out on Twitter, on the back of the article about Café Con Libro, and it seems I’ve got a new volunteer to help me out on the journey!

A beautifully shaped heart of milk steam in a coffee mug

‘For the love of coffee’ Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash



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