The Future Will be Feminist of Not at All

Having just returned home from a feminism filled day, I was pleasantly surprised to find an extra unexpected bit of feminism waiting for me: the new – fully feminist – issue of the Red Pepper on my desk. I have just spent a whole day at Lush City, fundraising for the Feminist Library, having been prepping that morning, at the Library, and having seen a feminist window display at a pub on the corner of Southwark station (my usual route to the Library), I thought I’d had my fill of feminism for the day. But evidently not.

But then I am not writing this to tell you about my day, but because I have been noticing a shift – in the general leftist politics towards what seems like more of a seriously feminist approach. And seeing this issue on my desk seemed to be yet another proof that something new was happening. A move in the right direction, finally, I thought. I have opened the issue with anticipation – something I have not actually been able to do for quite a while, since the general left (by which I mean he left outside of feminism) had been generally speaking getting on my nerves for so long by ignoring feminist voices that I’d learned to ignore it back. I had very little patience left for anything outside of feminism.

Until now – over the past month, I felt some change in the left climate. First, I saw Naomi Klein at the Southbank for IWD, and heard her speak with reverence about the women leading the environmental movement – as well as other leftist movements – and about the necessity of a feminist approach to battle the patriarchal attitudes at the heart of planet and climate destruction. On Monday just passed I went to a conference on critical approaches to AI at Goldsmith’s and it was wonderful – most, if not all speakers, openly talking about the core value of feminism in this work, including a man who spoke of it with true reverence…honestly! And now – nearly a month on – this issue just lands on my desk.

I would normally dismiss these happenings as yet another empty attempt by the left to pull in feminists onto their side. But for the first time in years it actually seems genuine. Or at least a bit too much of a coincidence. Or perhaps I’m being naïve again… I guess we’ll see, time will tell.

Hope not. What Naomi Klein was saying really struck me – if we only have 12 years now to sort our s*** out when it comes to climate change, we need to get on with it. And if we need a serious shift away from patriarchy in order for it to happen, then really, there is not a minute to loose! The revolution was not invented yesterday, and yet, there’s so much still to do!

And then again, I read the editorial in the issue of Red Pepper that filled me with so much hope, and it didn’t seem to make the deep connection that Naomi Klein was making between climate change and patriarchy, despite being very much on the subject…

The future of humanity does not look bright without feminism, if we need to sort out patriarchy, and so fast, in order to save ourselves from a climate catastrophe… so it better be true that things are changing. Or else we’re f****d!


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